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Nonfarm eve Tips









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STP liquidity is through orders placed through this (order book) in the form of the show is very much like the stock as there are 5 files (or more) of the offer, and each quote corresponds to a certain amount of this. And because the software itself is restricted MT4 traders can only see the first layer of the price (level 1 price) (This price corresponds to the amount of certain tradable), once the amount of the price on the first floor, exhausted, it will corresponding to the amount of the price of the second layer can be traded to the transaction, the amount until the transaction is complete until the submission of the list. Then the final out of the price is the volume weighted average price and the price of the several layers. This is a multi-price auction STP mode (multi fill). A relatively large list, depending on market conditions, often more than one layer of transaction price, so traders will see the "slip" phenomenon.               
                    Friday night nonfarm comes first layer of gold quotes will inevitably widen (widening the scope can not be determined, but by a number of banks and providers offer bid after integration, widening spreads also tend to be in very acceptable range). Due to the above-mentioned mechanism of large multi-price auction list, plus the first floor (the third layer, etc.) Prices are not visible on MT4, and bid quotes banks jumping, etc., then the big list, there are likely to face less than ideal transaction (such as a more substantial slippage or reject, etc.).               
                    In the non-farm when paying with a breakthrough or two hanging empty breakthrough single (buy stop and sell stop once triggered, are based on the market price in the form of a single transaction, the price of a single time in the non-farm, that can deal with even now price from the price traders have required 100 points, then you can still deal with the first transaction price), plus if your hand gold traders are 15 or 50 hands in this huge amount of gold, then deal out prices from traders likely asking price is very far away. The trader is likely to do this is not happy.               
                    Hope you before non-farm, and your traders (especially a relatively large volume traders) make full tips.


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