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Euro bond market: Italian government bond yields fell









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Italian government bond yields fell on Monday after Fitch maintained the country's credit rating BBB unchanged, only revised its rating outlook to negative, but analysts said that the news from the top ministers was mixed, and later today. The published manufacturing purchasing managers' index may mean that the price of public debt will not rise.
Treasury yields in other countries in the euro zone rose slightly across the board, and trade wars and weak emerging market currencies triggered safe-haven operations. US President Trump said on Saturday that there is no need to leave Canada in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Rating agency Fitch maintained Italy's sovereign credit rating on BBB on Friday, but downgraded its rating outlook from “stable” to “negative”, saying that the new coalition government is expected to relax its finances, making the country's high debt more vulnerable. The impact of potential shocks.

The volatility has led to buying of Italian government bonds. The country’s public debts have seen huge selling pressure last week, and short-term bond yields rose to a three-week high.

Italian two-year bond yields fell by as much as nine basis points to 1.4% earlier, and last week was once high at 1.49%. The five-year bond yield fell by about six basis points to 2.52%, while the long-term bonds fell by about two basis points.

“Italy benefited from only the prospect of being downgraded, which is already within market expectations, but some investors may have expected the rating to be lowered by one level,” said DZ Bank interest rate analyst Daniel Lenz.

German 10-year bond yields remain near the recent lows, with a 10-year German bond yield of 0.34%, which hit 0.42% last week.

Other eurozone government bond yields have risen slightly.


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