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Indian central bank is in a dilemma









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International investors bought Indian bonds to the highest level in seven months, indicating that interest in the market has begun to return.
However, this is not worth celebrating for the Indian rupee bulls, the rupee has repeatedly fallen to a new low in the past two weeks.

The Indian bond market inflows reached $403 million in July, but it is still insignificant compared to the $5.6 billion outflow this year.

Sajjid Chinoy, chief Indian economist at JPMorgan, said the continued devaluation of the rupee could force the Indian central bank to tighten further, as early as next month.

He pointed out that the central bank may be in a dilemma - on the one hand, the rupee is difficult to stop falling, on the other hand, domestic inflation has shown signs of slowing down.

President Urjit Patel has said that the threat of a global trade war is increasing, so the central bank may switch to a wait-and-see model in the coming months.

Chinoy said that the rapid decline of the rupee in August may force the Indian central bank to act faster - the rupee is the worst performing Asian currency this year.

He added that in the past two months, the current account deficit countries in all emerging markets are under pressure, coupled with the trend of the rupee, then October is a window of opportunity for interest rate hikes with GDP support.

According to the statistics of the Indian Bureau of Statistics on Friday (August 31), India's GDP growth in the second quarter reached a staggering 8.2%, far exceeding the median value of Bloomberg's expected 7.6%.


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