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International crude oil prices rose









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On Monday (September 10th), international crude oil prices rose as the number of active rigs in the US fell last week. The number of active rigs in the United States has been stagnant since May, and has rebounded since 2016. Moreover, the market expects the US oil supply to tighten as soon as the United States imposes sanctions on Iranian crude oil exports from November.

As of press time, US crude oil futures reported a gain of 0.71% per barrel of 68.23 US dollars; Brent crude oil futures rose 0.89% to 77.51 US dollars per barrel.

Looking at the United States, the United States will impose new sanctions on Iranian crude oil exports in November to help push up oil prices. Energy consultancy FGE said that major Iranian customers such as India, Japan and South Korea are already reducing their purchases of Iranian crude oil.

FGE said: "The government can be very tough on the mouth. They can verbally talk to Trump or ask for an exemption. But the companies we have learned say they will not take the risk, everyone is afraid of the US financial punishment. And lost transportation guarantees."

In addition to the 1 million barrels per day loss that Iran has been banned from exporting crude oil, other oil-producing countries such as Venezuela and Mexico will face production cuts due to their own factors.

At the same time, the turbulent political situation of individual oil-producing countries means that it is still unknown whether their production capacity can be stabilized. Violence in Iraq has also raised concerns about supply disruptions, but Iraq’s oil exports have so far not been interrupted.


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