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The Federal Reserve raised interest rates as scheduled









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On Wednesday, the Fed, as expected by the market, carried out its third rate hike this year. The dot matrix shows that 12 of the 16 officials supported four interest rate hikes in 2018; the policy statement pointed out that the Fed’s median forecast still shows 2019 Will raise interest rates three times.
After the Fed issued a policy statement, the dollar fell briefly against the euro and the yen, but as market participants digested the policy statement, the dollar slowly rose slightly.

In addition, the price of gold fell on Wednesday, breaking below the $1200 mark, as the dollar narrowed its gains, after the Fed raised interest rates as expected and expects economic growth in the next three years. Gold is sensitive to interest rates, as raising interest rates will boost the dollar, making gold more expensive for other currency holders.

International oil prices fell on Wednesday after data released by the US showed that US crude oil inventories unexpectedly increased, but Iranian exports are about to fall, keeping Brent crude oil futures above $80 a barrel, which is likely to record a fifth consecutive quarterly increase. .

There were more heavy economic data released on Thursday, including the core PCE price index and real GDP in the second quarter of the US, the annualized rate of consumer spending and the final value of the GDP deflator, and the initial monthly rate of US durable goods orders in August. The United States as of September 22, the number of jobless claims in the first week of the week, the initial value of the monthly wholesale inventories in the United States in August, the monthly rate of the contracted sales index of the existing house in the United States in August. In addition, there will be speeches from central bank governors, and investors will also need to pay close attention.


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