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Italian government bond yield jumped 22 basis points









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Italian government bond yields rose sharply on Thursday, rising by as much as 22 basis points, as reports of possible delays in the government and budget meetings have hit expectations for a smooth budget.
Italy's budgetary risk has resurfaced, boosting German bond prices, 10-year German bond yields fell by 5 basis points, and Italian/German bond yield spreads widened.

Analysts said the volatility of the Italian bond market was affected by a report by the Corriere della Serra, which reported that the budget meeting scheduled for the original 1600GMT would be delayed.

This is the latest turning point in the Italian budget and is somewhat different from recent signs; recent signs indicate that the Minister of Economy and Finance Giovanni Tria has reached an agreement with the Deputy Prime Ministers of the ruling coalition, Matteo Salvini and Luigi di Maioan. protocol. Tria has promised to get the deficit under control and refuse to raise the voice of spending.

Italian two-year bond yields jumped 23 basis points to a high of 0.96%. Five-year bond yields hit 2.04%, up about 19 basis points, 10-year bond yields rose by 14 basis points, and distances were only 3%. A stone's throw away. The two-year bond yield is currently the biggest one-day gain since the end of June.

“The newspaper report suggests that the budget meeting may be postponed because of new complex variables in the deficit agreement,” said ING rate strategist Martin van Vliet. “This is a factor driving the market conditions this morning, and the euro has also fallen.”

German 10-year bond yields fell by 5 basis points to below 0.49%, followed by a decline in US bond yields.

“The German debt is just the trend of the US debt after catching up with the Fed’s statement,” said ING’s van Vliet. “The Fed hinted that there are more interest rates, but they removed the loose rhetoric. The market is currently focusing on the dovish position. section."


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