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Agency financing









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Agency financing is also known as collection of accounts, valet collection, export account factoring. Agency financing refers to the accounts receivable of commercial banks or professional agency financing companies that purchase borrowing enterprises, and provide other services other than financing funds before the accounts are recovered.

Agent financing

The specific practices of agency financing can take many forms. The usual practice is:
First, the seller company submits an application to the bank or company that manages the business, and gives a detailed report on the business status of the company and the situation of the customer, and then conducts detailed and detailed investigation and research by the company that handles the business. It is necessary not only to investigate the creditworthiness of the applicant company, but also to investigate the creditworthiness of the credit account customers, and finally to set a credit line for each credit-paying customer on behalf of the enterprise. The agency is only responsible for the bad debts within the quota, and the excess is responsible for the enterprise. After the review, the two parties sign the contract. The contents of the contract are divided into two aspects: equity transfer and equity grant. The former means that after the agency Rongtong accepts the transfer of accounts receivable, if the customer's debts become bad debts, the agent financing company still has the right to recourse to the collecting company, and the losses are still borne by the collecting company. In the latter case, the enterprise sells the accounts receivable to the agency financing company, and if the bad debts occur, the agency finance company bears the losses. After the contract is signed, the company sells the goods or provides labor services. At the same time as the payment notice is sent to the customer, a copy of the invoice is also sent to the agency. The company enters the relevant data, such as the invoice amount, number, and date of receipt, into the computer, and prompts the payment. After the company sends a copy of the invoice for accounts receivable to the agency, the company provides financing to the company.
There are two ways to finance: one is that the agency will pay the company a certain percentage of the cash (usually 90%) according to the invoice amount, and the rest will be temporarily retained, and then the account will be returned to the enterprise after the receipt; It is a regular financing, that is, the agent's regular invoice amount is paid to the enterprise, and the interest is calculated. The interest rate of the advance payment is usually 2%-3% higher than the bank preferential interest rate. In addition, according to whether the agency is able to collect the accounts, it can be divided into public agency financing and behind-the-scenes agency financing. The former is sent by the agency Rongtong company to collect the accounts; the latter is still collected by the enterprise itself, and then transferred to the agency Rongtong company.


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