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Japanese stock market: Nikkei index reversed higher









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Japan's stock market reversed higher on Friday, and China's stock market rose due to China's optimistic export data. Japanese stock investors were thus motivated to trigger buying of manufacturing stocks that were exposed to China.
The Nikkei index .N225 closed 0.5% higher at 22,694.66 points, and fell 1.2% earlier on the day. The index closed down 3.9% on Thursday.

The Nikkei index fell 4.6% this week, the biggest weekly decline since March.

China’s data on Friday showed that export growth accelerated unexpectedly in September, setting a record high for the US trade surplus. This may fuel Sino-US trade disputes.

US stock index futures rose during the Asian session and also supported market sentiment. S&P Mini Futures ESc1 and Dow Jones Mini Futures 1YMc1 both rose 1%.

“Investors have a sigh of relief as the Chinese stock market rebounds and indicators show that the US stock market will open higher later today,” said Tsuyoshi Horota, general manager of SMBC Nikko Securities.

“Investors who are short ahead want to cancel their positions before the weekend.”

The Nikkei Volatility Index .JNIV fell to 25.42 on Friday and jumped from 18.36 on Thursday to 27.52, the highest in March.

Industrial machinery manufacturers rebounded, and these stocks have recently been hit by concerns about a slowdown in Chinese demand. Yaskawa Electric's 6506.T rose 5.6%, and Fanuc 6954.T rose 2.4%.

The share price of construction equipment manufacturers that rely on Chinese demand has also risen. Komatsu Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 6301.T rose 2.3%, and Hitachi Construction Machinery 6305.T rose 2.7%.

Insurance stocks. IINSU.T was inferior and fell the most in the broader market, down 2.5%. This stock has risen 8.6% last month.

First Life Holdings 8750.T fell 2.7% to 2,288 yen. Last week the stock hit 2,457.5 yen, the highest level since January. Loss holdings 8630.T fell 3.6%, the stock had a record high last month.

Convenience store operator Lawson 2651.T plunged 6.2%.

The TSE stock price index .TOPX was flat and closed at 1,702.45 points.


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